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"Starting is easy. Making it last is a whole other thing."


GÜDWELL™ is the social venture of belenkyCo and was established in 2013 to empower social impact organizations and entrepreneurs to do GÜD and to do it well. We discover alternative paths to sustain and grow existing programs, and develop new models for new social ventures to make real lasting impact.

​Our way of doing GÜD has inspired ways of doing GÜD for 100+ foundations, public charities, and b-corporations around the world. It is also the way of doing GÜD for consultants trained and certified on our framework to deliver measurable, evidence-based impact around the world.


Develop and implement strategies that move your programs from surviving to thriving, from functioning to impacting


Clarify your purpose, design a model, and empower leadership to create relevant and sustainable programs and services 


Get certified as a GÜDWELL® consultant and gain access to our growing network of "do-GÜDers" around the world

GÜDWELL Achievements


GÜDWELL is recognized by BoardSource™ for its commitment to lead essential nonprofit mergers and acquisitions. We’re extremely proud of our success at reducing redundancies and indiscriminate philanthropy that threatens our most critical programs.


GÜDWELL is recognized by GuideStar™ for its innovative work with athletes and entertainers seeking to give back in a meaningful way. Helping these high-wealth individuals discover their special way to do GÜD philanthropy is our special way.

Social Change-Management

We don't save organizations not worth saving. We look for ways to sustain the programs we can’t live without.

Stephen Belenky,

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